About Us

Hair With A Cause was founded in 2016 with a specific focus on applying hair extensions for women who experienced hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy. In 2022, Hair With A Cause expanded its specific focus to a complete focus, encapsulating our client’s well-being we evolved into Oncology Aesthetics and Wellness Center, also known as OAW. Upon cancer diagnosis OAW answers the What Now, offering complimentary products and services that exude excellence while balancing our client’s healthcare regimen, aesthetics desires and wellness needs throughout treatment.

Here at OAW, we take a holistic approach by addressing the aesthetics and wellness changes that occur during chemotherapy. We exclusively focus on three stages: Pre, During and Post Chemotherapy, the five OAW pillars are carefully designed to address these stages. Upon diagnosis, prior to starting any treatment OAW | Wigs customizes a perfectly fitted Human Hair Wig to your specifications, while OAW | Hair With A Cause CPR Program prepares you for your Post Chemo Hair Re-attachment. During treatment, OAW | Boutique offers over 500 restorative products, addressing the adverse effects caused by treatment. These carefully curated quality surgical garments, supplements and hair vitamins offered at our Boutique make the process seamless and personal. Whether you need skin and hair products, tummy, or nausea Supplements, OAW offers a more personal experience in a beautifully designed environment created just for you. In efforts to meet our mission and commitment to delivering a state-of-the-art all-inclusive center for women, OAW is pleased to announce the addition of two pillars: Aesthetics and Wellness Services, which will integrated in early 2024.

Hair With A Cause focuses on growth beyond the hair into the whole person through its complete focus within Oncology Aesthetics and Wellness, OAW is grateful to you and your trust in helping move you forward.

Deborah McDowell, Founder


Oncology Aesthetics & Wellness provides Revolutionary and Targeted all-inclusive services and products pre and post chemotherapy. Our mission is to offer integrated cancer aesthetic care by simplifying products and services needed as our clients navigate the journey and face the aftermaths of how chemotherapy disturbs one’s beauty and self-esteem.