Post-Chemo Hair Extensions

Ready to return to your physical activity, swimming, and leisure activities without having to worry about your hair? OAW | Hair With A Cause will help you regain your Hair Esteem with the application of our Hair Extensions After Chemo. We have created hair attachment methods on as little as 1 inch of hair length. These post chemo hair extension will address your current hair concerns while promoting healthy hair recovery. After you have achieved one inch of post chemo hair regrowth we will begin the process of extending and treating and quickly helping you regain your pre chemo hair. We require a minimum of one inch of hair regrowth post-chemotherapy to get started.

Our Hair Recovery Specialist will customize your personalized treatment plan based on your current hair texture and desired look.


Meet Deanna from Dallas, TX! Diagnosed with breast cancer, she came to us after completing a year of treatments. Once her hair started to grow back, Deanna found us and came down to SoCal to transition back into her gorgeous curls again!


After Deborah's magical touch Deanna now has her beautiful curls back!

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How long does the installation process take?

The installation process takes approximately 12-14 hours which we split across two business days.

How long do the extensions last?

The extension strands last as long as you need them to, the typical treatment plan is 12 months, however you can keep them in until you hair has reached a length that you are comfortable and confident wearing out.

how do I maintain the extension strands?

As your hair continues to grow, the extensions will grow out as well. To ensure that the extension strands look seamless and promote healthy growth we require maintenence sessions every 3-4 months.

How much does it cost?

Cost for extensions can range from $2800-4500+, factors such as color, length, style, cut and desired density are taken into account when putting together a personalized quote for you.

Does medical insurance cover this?

While we continue to work on accepting insurance in house we are currently an out-of-network provider. However, many of our clients are able to get either a partial or full reimbursement from their insurance provider. We provide all our clients with a medical receipt, this along with a cranial prosthesis prescription from your doctor, you should be able to receive a reimbursement.

What if I do not live in Los Angeles, California?

We understand that travel to our Los Angeles location may not be an option for you, thus, we offer in home servicing both domestic and international. We are more than happy to bring our services to the comfort of your own home.

What if I did not preserve my own hair pre-chemotherapy?

Because of how overwhelming the diagnosis is, most of our clients do not hear about us until after they have completed chemotherapy so we source the finest quality European human hair that compliments your desired look or pre-chemo hair to prepare in-house.

Are the extensions safe for my hair?

After many years of perfecting the process we are confident in the extension techniques we use in order to promote healthy hair growth and prevent any damage or breakage to the hair.

Would I still be an eligible candidate if I did Cold-Capping?

Cold-capping results vary drastically, therefore we help women regardless of their experience with cold-capping.

Can I use donated hair for the extension strands?

Absolutely! Hair donations from family and friends are encouraged and welcomed. Please note that we require a minimum of 8-10 inches of length to be a donation candidate.