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In efforts to minimize costs for our clients we are honored to accept which will go directly towards giving women their hair back post-chemotherapy. Hair donations are turned into extensions strands for clients who are experiencing financial hardship. These donations are safely stored and prepped in house. We find the perfect match for your donated hair to our plethora of clients who are looking to restore their hair esteem. OAW gives clients the opportunity to connect with the hair donor, creating a safe and supportive environment for women to share their gratitude and appreciation for donors.

minimum requirement of 8-10 inches of growth for donations

Become a part of a community of women who help women restore their self esteem today. OAW offers complimentary hair cuts for local donors and offer virtual hair donation consultations where we walk you through the process step by step and help you mail your hair directly to our center.

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Our Donors

Hair Esteem Fund

Established in 2016, OAW, formerly known as Hair With A Cause is a space that caters to women who are experiencing hair trauma due to chemotherapy, trichotillomania, and hair loss caused by anxiety, depression and hormonal factors.

Within the Cancer Communities we are known for our Hair Extensions After Chemotherapy and our C.P.R Hair Preservation Service, which is a process where the Pre-Chemo Hair is Cut, Preserved, and Reattached once Chemotherapy has been completed. C.PR. Hair Preservation can be used to create Wigs, Hair Extensions, or a Hair Hat. When faced with losing your hair, most women become overwhelmed when trying to determine "what to do and where to turn" thus, we created a private boutique to address this issue. During the pandemic, our clients supported us, and our small business and we are most grateful for their trust and belief in our services.

We are committed to turning 2023 into a give back year. We would like to provide our services to women who have experienced some level of a financial hardship. We have started a "Happier and Healthier Hair Esteem" quarterly give back and sponsorship program. This program will consist of aiding two women and two teenage girls with any hair loss challenges that effects their self-esteem. These remarkable and deserving women will be given a beautiful Human Hair Wig or we will re-create hair that has been genetically lost or damaged (even from Covid-19) or provide a gift basket of Biotin, Collagens, Satin Pillow Cases, Hair Regrowth Serums and Hair Masks that are clean, organic, and specifically design to support the process of Hair Recovery.

All donations and sponsorships will directly go towards helping women improve their self-image and regain their hair esteem.